What Your PDF Files Can Do For You

August 26th, 2019

Receiving an electronic transcript in PDF format has become an industry standard because of the ease of access and portability such files offer, but there are numerous other benefits PDF files offer that can assist with all aspects of trial preparation.
At Legal Media Experts, we use YesLaw to create PDF versions of a transcript.YesLaw's PDF transcripts contain these additional features:

•    Copy and paste from a transcript without affecting the official document
•    Click a word in the index and be taken to that page in the transcript
•    Click on any exhibit in the index and be taken to that page in the transcript

While the free Adobe Reader allows you to read the transcript and offers basic functionality, with the paid Adobe Acroabat software you can do much, much more, such as:

•    Insert new pages into a PDF and eliminate pages
•    Reorder pages
•    Rotate pages
•    Add Bates stamps to documents
•    Zoom in on small text
•    Highlight important text passages
•    Search for text
•    Redact sensitive information
•    Tag important pages so you can quickly find them later
•    Make notes in the margins
•    Advanced Features

How are all of these useful? Here's a quick example. While preparing for trial you can create separate PDF files to highlight the facts and circumstances you want to bring out, divided by topic. Say it's a medical malpractice case. You can create a separate file for each point you want to make to the jury, composed of transcript pages from various depositions - with the important text passages highlighted so that during the trial you'll be sure to touch on them all.

Another example would be in the case of a hearing on a motion. Using Adobe Acrobat you can tag important pages as you read through transcripts. Then, you can go back to those pages when creating your brief, highlighting the relevant passages, and merge only those pages into one PDF file. Then you can add Bates numbers or other page numbers to that document.
As part of our Green Transcript Package, all of our deposition transcripts are delivered in YesLaw PDF format. To schedule your next deposition, use our easy online scheduling tool or call 919-682-7757.